Our core expertise lies in the components that, in our experience, make businesses work, and in turn, make them valuable.

  • Strategy
    Change, as a result of investment or M&A activity often requires making sense of a new incarnation and proposition - to employees, customers and key stakeholders. We work with management teams to refine, or rethink strategy, to bring a renewed clarity to the business vision, empower employees and stakeholders and create the decisive action needed to achieve growth ambitions.
  • Brand
    Customers need to buy into your business before they’ll buy from it. We help define your brand, potentially your most important asset, articulating your strategy in its most condensed form, providing a powerful shorthand for what you do, and why it matters. We then create the campaigns and communications to heighten brand visibility, increase market share and accelerate growth.
  • Growth
    Vision is worthless and strategy is academic until it is translated into EBITDA. Consequently, we relish getting our hands dirty when it comes to initiatives that impact the top and bottom line. Working in addition to, or in collaboration with, internal resources, we bring our expertise to bear on lead generation and customer experience programs that cost-effectively acquire and retain profitable business.
  • Culture
    Post M&A is often a turbulent time for employees, causing a drain on enterprise agility and productivity. Spooner Fitzgerald helps ‘hardwire’ corporate strategy into day-to-day behaviours to tackle dysfunction, build cohesion and increase employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability.
  • Innovation
    Businesses that effectively manage innovation typically outperform peers by a P/E premium of 10%–20%. Spooner Fitzgerald can help drive this long-term value creation through direct collaboration to develop innovative products and services, and by helping to establish the strategies, goals and infrastructure required to create an organisational culture of innovation.