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What we did

Corporate strategy

Stakeholder, Competitor and Market research

Operating model development

Re-design of solution / service offering

Strategic market positioning

Brand strategy, development & design

Website development

Digital & Social media marketing

Filming & Photography

A new CEO at the helm. A world largely unaware of the scale of affordable housing crisis across Africa and Asia. And a new UK political dynamic, where development priorities were shifting from Aid to Trade, creating a more uncertain funding landscape.

The objective – position Reall as a credible catalyst of an affordable housing movement to secure current investment while diversifying income streams by attracting a new, broader set of investors.

We worked with the leadership on an audacious goal capable of kickstarting an affordable homes revolution and galvanising the best and brightest. The development of a strategic plan and operating model followed. Then the creation of new positioning and messaging that could ignite a movement of communities, governments and donors to translate one of the planets greatest challenges into one of our greatest opportunities.

Spooner Fitzgerald sharpens your organisation. Their clear commitment to our success created an honest and effective partnership. We got the answers we needed, not the ones we wanted to hear. They enabled us to bring clarity to our strategy, align what we do with what we want to achieve, and then translated this strategic rigour into powerful messaging. We can now better attract new investors and maximise our impact.

Ian Shapiro
CEO, Reall
Reall Strategy Overview